Tourism on the Edge

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Tourism on the Edge (TOTE) is a travel blog focused on “unusual traveling, unusual locations”. You can think of it as the go-to website for inspiration on unconventional places to visit and crazy things to do (from building your own igloo to attending a mud festival).

The story behind the blog begins in 2009, when Lavinia (admin) realized that the most fun and healthy way of getting to know this world is to experience it live, every step of the way. Back then, traveling looked like the best job out there and gathering ideas of places to go seemed legit. Not to mention cool, childish (read that “playful”) and easy to do. It didn’t take long before Tudor (admin) joined the research parade, adding an artistic and spiritual side to the game, now slowly becoming serious. A special mention goes out to Dennis, who encouraged the team when they needed the most and to Alexandra who just started blogging.

“Having seen some of the places we dared only blog about made us realize that the essence of traveling is reaching the essence. We would love to encourage our readers to travel fun, meaningful and responsibly”-stated the admins.