Christian, nicknamed Chris, is a German globetrotter who is definitely always up for something new to experience. He started his own personal travel blog TourDeChris in order to keep his friends and family always updated about where he is, what he experiences and with whom.

UanbenanntHis tour around the world started back in 2005 and Chris takes every reader on his journey full of colourful experiences and great moments. New Zealand, Australia and Latin America – Chris has discovered everything and lets us be a part of his vivid story. Amazing pictures underlined with personal anecdotes makes everyone admire his grand voyage. It is a great way to gather some information for all amongst you who would like to be as brave as Chris– to travel and explore the world by your own. Partying with the locals, riding bicycle in the high mountains, first contacts with the natives, long car drives through the countryside and so much more.
At first, some difficulties concerning the blog’s navigation arise but as soon as you discover how to work with it it’s getting more and more fun to explore Chris’ trip and to see how he develops, how he becomes a real traveller, changing first routes and plans and travelling even longer than expected. It is a must-see-blog for all who want to have some first hand information about the locations he has been to and to have a look how diversified a personal history can be illustrated.