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“Barcelona fun and frolics from someone old enough to know better…”

Under this slogan a dynamic and active travel blogger in his mid-thirties writes down his experiences in and some anecdotes, memories and information about Catalan’s beautiful capital Barcelona.

You would like to know who Gaudi really was? Whether he liked new shoes or was vegetarian? Here we go, an article about some of the strangest facts about Catalan’s amazing architect will broaden your horizon. Standing out on every party while showing off with those interesting fun facts is a nice side effect, too!

You have friends or family over but Barcelona is covered in rain. You have absolutely no idea what to do with them because the only thing you know is the beach? Help needed! No problem, Barcelona Freak will assist you finding your way out of bed and into the vibrant city life. Interesting comparisons of various activities will facilitate your decision and real insider tips make you look like a real Catalan.

But listen up! If you are rather interested in history or politics and want to get to know different perspectives – that’s what you will find as well. Profound discussions about the ongoing Catalan versus Spain topic will be found and many different opinions contribute to a lively dialogue.
The delightful freshness of his writing style and the fact that he does not mince matters makes even long and detailed articles enjoyable and striving for more.
Don’t hesitate to check out Barcelona Freak’s blog and get some new and interesting facts about the city!