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Nick Bowditch Travel is a travel blog written by Nick Bowditch. Rather than Nick the Globetrotter, he used to be Nick the copywriter.

Nick the copywriter didn’t take a lot of chances. He went to work every day and wrote about just about everything except for the things that he loved. Travel in particular was a passion he ignored for the sake of trying to convince people to use one kind of shampoo instead of another.

About a year ago, Nick alias the man who tries to keep calm and travel on, left his nine-to-five job, sold his nine-to-five car and started traveling the world. He is not saying that’s the road everybody should take, but it’s the road that took him from “that copywriter guy” to some pretty cool places on this planet.

He used to be afraid to take the leap. He used to make excuses. But he decided to ditch all of that (and use an awesome play on words with his surname) in pursuit of a life on the road. is his  personal story about travel. Its focus is travel plain and simple and in it he covers a multitude of destinations, means of travel and enough tips and ideas to inspire all other globetrotter to make their own journey, wherever and whenever that might be. His audience consists of travellers from all over the world and Nick’s goal is to leave no stone unturned.