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This very first post I would like to honour a good friend running a really interesting travel blog called Urban Travel Blog in collaboration with several expert travel writers. As its name already applies it’s all about trends, cultures and experiences in cities all around Europe and the world.
sWhether you are looking for insider city guides of top destinations like New York, London, Paris or Berlin or if you just want to marvel at spectacular and personal photo stories – you will definitely find everything that your heart desires except of tiring itineraries that are already covered in every second travel guide. The fresh, young and dynamic writing team breathes life into every story and their authentic approach creates an appetite for more.
Let yourself get inspired by unique tips from locals, alternative and ecological ways of travelling and special nightlife experiences. On top of that you will have the chance of exploring the “Top Five” things to see and do for specific destinations and you will become a part of lively discussions about contemporary trends.
For all globetrotters it is a must-see blog to stay up to date, to broaden the own horizon and to enjoy greatly written articles.